Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Is it too late to turn back?

Briancon is the highest town in Europe and as a result of the mild weather the snow on the lower slopes was disappearing fast. Having finally settled into our apartment with the proprietor compensating us for the cost of the hotel rooms; we hired our ski equipment and headed up the mountain. We took the long cable car journey up to the first station; the more experienced skiers amongst us decided that the snow there wasn't good, so we got back in and continued up for a further ten minutes. Now it's important to remember at this time that neither OP or I had ever skied before and I had no concept of the colour coding of ski runs, but we were heading for blue. To cut a long and at times very funny story short, I spent an awful lot of my time on the floor, I removed my skis several times and uttered words not becoming of a lady. When OP and I had had more then enough we took our skis off, walked back up the mountain, got the cable car back to the first station and had a very large hot chocolate with lots of cream.

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