Wednesday, 27 February 2008

On the move

After all of the house hunting, we finally decided on a house that suited us. Our offer was accepted and everything is in the hands of the solicitors. The house will need some work doing to it and we won't move in until June; but it has the potential to be a great family home. As excited as I am, I have been brought down to earth by the amount of work that we need to do before moving. This includes packing up all of our belongings and putting the bulk of them into storage; I guess the plus side to this is being able to throw away all of the stuff that we really don't need. I have to admit to being 'a bit of a hoarder' and I have no doubt that my family will be grateful for the clearout that this move will force me to do.

Monday, 25 February 2008

I won't be giving up my day job

My Mum has been wanting a change for her hair for quite some time now...

So two days ago, I began plaiting her hair; my Mum's hair is very soft and fine and I found that no sooner had I finished, they would unravel. To make them more secure I decided to put a knot in the ends and used my nappylocs tool at the root; I think that in all it took me about ten hours to complete. Mum was really pleased with the results, as was I.
Now I have another set of locks to try and maintain!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Hot Tickets

Having been given twenty five free tickets for the production of Othello, starring Ewan McGregor, I was tempted to sell one or two when I heard how sought after they were. Of course, it was just a momentary thought and we all enjoyed the performance and the post show talk with Ewan (this bit particularly engaged the students and staff!). I was surprised to read this article as I felt that McGregor gave an energised and focused portrayal of Iago; on the whole I felt the production was well cast, particularly the leads. I am by no means a fan of Shakespearean plays (usually falling asleep), but I managed to last the distance of this show. I have seen some terrible shows in my time and have walked out of several; this one was by no means on a par with them.
IMHO, if you can get a ticket, it's worth a visit.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Tagged (Parts Three and Four)

This is not the first time I have been tagged, in fact it is the third and fourth(see here and here)! I am by no means complaining :-)

Here are the rules:
1. link to the person that tagged you, in my case, Sisterlocks Convert and Still Waters.
2. post the rules on your blog.
3. share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
4. tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
5. let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

I guess as I've been tagged twice I should share twelve things, but I'm not sure that I can think of that many that you don't already know!

  • My earliest childhood memories are of being at Nursery at the age of two. I can remember not being allowed in the paddling pool because I had a cold and having to watch all of the other children having fun in the water :-(
  • I have a passionate dislike for Okra.
  • I am really struggling to find facts to share! (does this count?)
  • I like Root Beer, but it's hard to find over here. MacDonald's used to sell it, but haven't done so for years. I guess the closest thing in taste is Dr Pepper, but for me it's not close enough.
  • I enjoy watching crime investigation series'; from Columbo to CSI, they all hold my attention.
  • I once ruined a school production when I burst into a fit of laughter that lasted several minutes. I was playing Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and my teacher wasn't very happy with my lack of professionalism!
  • I have always felt it useful to be able to speak another language. At the moment, I am trying to brush up on my French skills for a forthcoming holiday; I also have 'teach yourself' kits for Spanish and Italian which I intend to work my way through.
I honestly can't think of anything else to share that I haven't already or that I am saving for future posts. So that, as they say, is all folks.
I am posting this so late in the day, that I am sure that there isn't any left to tag.

However if you haven't been tagged yet, consider yourself tagged by me and I'll look forward to reading your post!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

"Aah Miss, your hair looks sick"

I'd better start by explaining that sick means bad when bad means good.
To be honest I thought my student was taking the mickey out of me when she said this; after all I think my hair looks a mess at the moment. She told me that she liked the way my hair had a nice afro shape to it and I explained that said afro look was due to the fact that my roots need 'doing'. She finished by saying "come on Miss, your hair looks really nice, I like it more than I did before and I really liked it then". At this point I smiled and thanked her.
Who was I to argue, after all, I like it more now than I did before.
However there is no denying the fact that my hair needs to be done. I have no time at the moment to do it myself and can't seem to get an appointment with my hairdresser. With another show on at work in a few weeks, I can see it being Easter before I get my hair sorted!