Monday, 14 April 2008

How old is too old to wear a bib?

This delightful accessory is provided when having the speciality fish broth at a lovely little restaurant in Briancon. The dish is only served on Fridays and is popular with both locals and tourists; I used my best French to book our table as soon as we arrived in town. The substantial broth contains a variety of seafood and fish and lots of potatoes, it's served with rustic bread, cloves of garlic, garlic mayonnaise and Gruyere cheese. Whilst it does have the potential to be a bit of a passion killer, it is absolutely delicious and perfect comfort food to eat after a day in the snow.

BTW, look at how burnt my cheeks are!


N'Drea ~ the Storyteller said...

oonu look so cute, lol. and ur glowing, not burnt. :)

wow, ur hair looks lovely and thick.

still waters said...

I need to invest in one of those (: I have a habit os spilling things esp when I am wearing white.

one love still

Anonymous said...

I think people of all ages should wear bibs...LOL!!! You look stunning!!!

Mel said...

N'Drea, LOL, but really my face felt like it was on fire!

SW, I do exactly the same thing, always on white clothing!

MM, Aaaaaw thanks! And yes there are lots of people who should never have had their bibs taken away!