Sunday, 4 January 2009

Why are the ends of your hair THAT colour?

I don't know , why are the ends my hair THIS colour!
Well actually I do know and I was able to satisfy my sister's curiosity when she asked me this question.
The oddly coloured ends are the remnants of a dye I had put on my hair four years ago (said dye also in part led to my SL installation, but that is another story). My hair was red, a colour I favoured for a long time and I really liked it this way. However, of late I and evidently other people, have noticed that my ends are looking a strange rust like shade. This is one of the reasons I have been considering adding some new colour to my hair. Now, in my previous life of experimental hairstyles and shades, I used Crazy Colour to frequently change my look. I often used Fire Red but have been known to use Capri Blue! It's an easy to use, although slightly messy product that you wash it in and wash it out and that doesn't contain peroxide.
I am now seriously considering buying a bottle of Fire and adding it to my hair, it would probably give an aubergine/plum hue to my locks. I know that lots of have added colour to your locks and would love to hear your two pence worth on the subject. To dye or not to dye, that is my question!


still waters said...

I say go for it *wink*. Those possibles hues sound interesting.

one love still

Mel said...

I'll keep you posted...

BlessedGemLady said...

Hi Mel, I always remember how much I miss you when I visit your blog -- so should I stay away? I think not - LOL!
I'm not a fan of dying my SLs and of course that's because of the horrible results I've garnered from doing so. Dying too early (even though I thought I was okay the 2nd time) and it may also be that my hair texture is prone to bunching. I have a tremendous amount more bunching issues now than I ever did when I had relaxed ends (and I even only had those when I dyed)! When I went in to get my retightening yesterday, I seriously spoke w/my consultant re starting over. She agreed that upon seeing me walk in the door, it looked like my problem was getting worse. I don't want to HAVE to curl my hair anymore to mask these ugly thick ends. We were able to find several pretty locs yesterday and I sooo want all, at least most, of my locs to look like that. Right now, I feel it's the other way around. So we have a plan of action over the next few weeks which I'll post about on my blog.
Even though you & I have been SLd about the same length of time, if your hair is all locked -- which mine is not -- you will probably fare much better than I have. And most likely we don't share the same hair texture either. I guess if I ever had to do it again, I would grab a small bottom layer section at the back of my hair and do a dye test. I'd even wait a couple of weeks to be sure I was seeing the full result of the test. You know my reasons for dying were mainly for covering the gray at the edges. I still use Hairmarker from time to time, but needless to say, I'm learning to accept the way my gray is coming in. :-\ I look forward to hearing about your results.