Monday, 19 November 2007

Sunday Styling IV

I achieved my anniversary style with a Softspike set and a hairtie. It had been my intention to wear my hair out, but today was one of hideous weather and I had to change my outdo to an updo. The set was far more successful this time and I managed to keep my hair on the curlers!


Khandi said...

Your locs are looking gr8

I dont have softspikes as yet. I did try pipe cleaners
Did you have a pic of the finished up do?

still waters said...

looking good miss mel!!!

one love still

ps the pink soft spikes are nice (:

muslimahlocs said...

one day i will actually remove my softspikes from the package and use them. in the meantime i will enjoy them vicariously through you. your hair looks so full!

SistaLocd said...

The curis are great! I really need to start using my softspikes! Do you recall how many locks you put on each soft spike?

Aya said...

Looking good Mel. Thicker too.

n'Drea said...

Coool! I LIKE the new look. Two thumbs up.

Mel said...

Khandi, I have read a lot about using the pipe cleaners - I might give them a go myself. The pic in the 11 month post shows my hair in the updo.

Thank You Still Waters :-)

LOL Muslimah! How long have you had them?

Thanks Sistalocd! I didn't count the locks, my method is a bit more random - just grab some hair and curl it!

Aya & N'drea, thank you ladies!

Anonymous said...

They look really cute! I put mine in again last night when I washed my locs and used a portable dryer to dry them as I find them uncomfortable to sleep in. Well this morning they were so curly and I didn`t have time to sort them out. My daughter works for the same company and laughter at me. She said she couldn`t believe I came to work like this!

Mel said...

LOL Kathryn! Do you have pics? I have had several over curly results myself; one useful suggestion I had was to pull my hair back in a ponytail whilst in a hot shower - this helps the curls to drop.